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Automatic Call Distribution Key

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Quick Overview

Automatic Call Distribution Activation Key for QX50/200
Used by call centers to handle basic inbound call queuing and distributing the calls to the agents.

Example of this feature requirement would be if someone dialled 1 for sales. If the sales representative was on a call at that time and the call could not be answered the ACD can be programmed to ring another ring group or to be put on hold.

Once on Hold you can also program the system to play different music on hold to that group. For instance, in this example the music on hold can be sales related. However if the call was for support if could be support related, pointing customers to the troubleshooting section of their websites to prevent them having to be on hold.

It can also be set up so that an agent can only accept a call that is on hold once they are finished typing the previous callers notes into the system. This prevents any lost data from not being entering due to a new call coming into the call centre agent too quickly.

Automatic Call Distribution Activation Key for QX50/200/2000

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